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The Aircrack-ng password hacker for PC is the first most used wifi hacker tool for pc. It is utilized for decrypting the password of the system which uses 802.11 a/b/g WEP and WAP-PSK encryption. Aircrack uses the best algorithm that captures the packets and recovers the password by analyzing that packets. The software is implemented with standard FMS attacks to optimize and retrieve the password quickly. Optimization allows the hacking process to take place at a faster rate which includes KoreK attacks and PTW attacks. Aircrack is the powerful tool in the market and widely used software for hacking.

Features of Aircrack-ng

Monitoring: By third party tools, packet capture and export of data to text files for further processing.

Testing: Checking driver capabilities and WiFi cards.

Attacking: Deauthentication, replay attacks, fake access points and some other via packet injection.

Cracking: WPA-PSK (1 & 2) and WEP.

Download Aircrack-ng

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