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WiFi Auditor is one of a kind tool that works with a functionality. WiFi auditor decrypts the password on any available WiFi networks found nearby. It lets you enjoy the Internet when you do not have access to it. Although many applications prevail, WiFi Auditor Stands out which analysis the network and identifies the probable vulnerabilities and provides access to the network. Learn more about Wifi Audit in WiFi password hacker.

WiFi Auditor

Steps to use WiFi Auditor:

  • Install Java to run WiFi Auditor, which is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Linux and Mac Operating Systems.
  • By double-clicking on the Jar file, it begins the scan process.
  • Now Select any networks and click Audit.
  • Else manually enter the network name and MAC address of the router it ll detect the weak point on the network.
  • If it is unguarded, then it can be cracked easily but using software like this is your responsibilities.
  • Jar File may not be compatible then try converting them to Jar to Executable file with the help of Jar2Exe.

WiFi Auditor Free Download:

Click the link below to download WiFi auditor,


How to use Wifi Auditor on your PC:-

  1. First, Download the Wifi Auditor Tool using the download link above.
  2. Then Download the Jar2Exe file also.
  3. Extract Both the files and install the .exe file in Jar2Exe
  4. Before downloading both the files, ensure that your system has Java runtime environment.
  5. Then, Run the program.
    Wifi Auditor
  6. You are Done!How to use Wifi Auditor
    How to use Wifi Auditor

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