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Cain & Abel Download: Cain & Abel is another popular and most widely used WiFi password hacker for PC. It is developed to prevent the network traffic such that it uses cryptanalysis attack from the brute force technique and discover the passwords. The software tool also helps in analysing the routing protocols and retrieve the wireless network keys. Cain & Abel software uses graphical user interface and thus is very common for the newbies and script kiddies. The software is easy to handle and adds a greater advantage to the users who are learning wireless security and the password cracking. It works for WEP encrypted networks and is widely used for recovering Microsoft access passwords.

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Cain & Abel
Cain & Abel

Features of Cain & Abel


Network Enumerator – Retrieves the usernames, shares, groups, and services running on a machine.

Remote Registry – Some modifications are allowed for registry parameters from the network.

Service Manager – It allows you to start, pause/ continue, stop or remove a service.

Password Crackers – You can recover the clear text passwords using some encryptions or hashing algorithms.


Remote Console – For Remote Machine, it provides a remote system shell.

Remote Route Table Manager – You can manage the route table of the remote system.

Remote TCP/UDP Table Viewer – It shows the state of local ports on the remote system.

Download Cain & Abel

Download Cain & Abel from its official website (

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